Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The unthinkable...

has happened. We have a cat. I am decidedly NOT a cat person. They have a purpose and some people like them a lot, good for them. I don't really like cats, and I for sure thought I would never have a cat in the house. But last night after we put the children to bed Mr. T was on the phone and called me over to the window.

"Hey! Come look at this cat! It just ran across the field and now is climbing the tree."

So over I went expecting a cat, big and full grown, not what I saw. It was a kitten, tiny fluffy and so scared. It was pouring down rain and I was heartbroken. It was climbing the tree off our deck and was sopping wet. I gave him a look, he said "we do NOT want a cat, you don't like cats, REMEMBER..." Then a pause as I looked sadly out at the poor little thing. He rolled his eyes and said, "fine, if you want to feed it and let it live in the barn we can keep it. If you can catch it."

So out the door I dashed in the rain to the tree it had climbed. I looked and looked and sweetly called and...nothing. I looked all over the place, under the cars, in the burn pile, in the barn, under the decks, in the window wells. Nothing. My heart sank, poor little soaking freezing kitten. I felt terrible. I accepted that it, hopefully, had moved on to a dry and warm place or its mommy had found it.

Then this morning, as I was moving things about making a work corner in the basement, I finally decided a 6 month hiatus from the clothing business was enough. So I was moving boxes, and totes all over and MAT was playing with various nick-knacks and when I heard something. I looked to the window and saw the same little tiny kitten pawing at the window.

As if to say "please you look like a nice family can I be a part of it?"

So I went upstairs and ran out the door. I followed the kitty yowls till I found the little yellow and white striped ball of sweetness. I brought him up on the deck as Mr. T looked out a bit disapprovingly. He opened the door and said "same rules, we can feed it, and it can live in the barn." MAT ran out of the house totally enamored with the little ball of fluff. And as he ran out the kitten covertly ran in.

I put a towel in a big box and a water dish and then MAT and I ran to the store for litter, kitten food, and maybe a toy or two. On the way I called my sister, who has had a kitten much more recently than I, for advice, it was very good advice. While we were at the store and talking about the kitten, MAT decided it should be named Watermelon Wild Jumping Cat T. I suppose you have to be 4 to totally understand the name. I think Watermelon is a great name, very creative, so we are agreed.

When we got go home RAT was awake from his nap and also totally enamored with the kitten. He is surprisingly gentle for a 16 month old. And Mr. T, though he pretends to be indifferent, I know is also sort of tickled that we have a cat. He, of the two of us, IS a cat person. Watermelon is awfully small, I cant believe she is very old. Maybe a bit over a month, not quite two, her eyes are still sort of blue and she fits in one hand. She is living in the bathroom, since the ducks have vacated. She has a litter box, kitten food, water, and a warm soft place to sleep. These are much better digs than a big tree and pouring rain. I think the company is much better too.

Eventually the plan is to send her out to the barn with a warm bed, plenty of food, and a litter box too. But we shall see, Mr. T thinks I will keep her indoors, and I suppose that is a possibility, but I don't think it will happen. Who knows, until today I never thought I would have a cat, imagine what tomorrow will prove.

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  1. Max: mom-er-mel-man!

    Jillian: If there was an award for the world's funniest cat name, Watermelon wins! Watermelon is adorable. I think she needs a brush.

    Kara: Awwwwwwwwwwww!

    Chris: a CAT?????? They could have had Chloe! I'll put her in a box and mail her to them!

    (ignore my husband)