Monday, June 1, 2009

Damn Bird!

A few weeks ago we had a bird come down our chimney. It was my day to sleep late and I was woken early by my husband. " I think...I know there is a bird in the fireplace, what do I do?" To which I replied, " you wait for me to wake up." He agreed and in a half hour, when I was awake enough to tackle the task, we put the children in the play room and opened the doors to the house. Mr. T with safety glasses and elbow high gloves removed the coffee table from in front of the fireplace, it was there to keep the children out, and comedy ensued. My husband had never encountered a bird in the fireplace before even though he had a fireplace growing up, and was at a loss of how to go about it. I remember about one a year would get into our stove growing up and the removal was always rather simple.

It was very comical, to see his strategy, but he wanted to try his way. In the end after about 10 minutes of attempts, he asked for my recommendations and the bird was simply caught and released out of doors.

The very next day the same bird was back in the fireplace, idiot bird. This he handled without my help as I was at the grocery. And I am sad I missed it, apparently it got loose in the house and there was a bit of a frenzy to get the doors open. MAT(Big boy) told me all about the fun when I got home. As I was unloading groceries I saw a Starling perched on the top of the chimney, it is her favorite place to sit (that is the pesky fellow at top). I started thinking "All right you, next time you fall down we are not going to release you. You are toast. You..." Then I heard some noise from the top of the chimney and it was not the adult bird I heard. I heard the squawking and squeaking of little birds.Ugh. Great that stupid clumsy bird made a NEST on the ledge of the chimney and it keeps falling down trying to tend it's brood.

Awesome. So it has been a few weeks and no there have not been any more Santa acts from that bird, thankfully. But now when I sit on the couch, ALL I hear is "SQUAWK, PEEP, SQUEAL" echoing down the chimney pipe. Blast those wretched birds. Feather out already and leave home.

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