Monday, June 1, 2009

Crafty goodness: Bags of sorts

So I in fact did decide to sew today, after many other projects and a bit of bird watching, I finally got motivated. On the list today was to make a new purse out of a moomoo I bought at Goodwill. Some XL super sturdy tote bags. And covertly some new bean bags, or Corn Hole bags thought I hate that name, for Nick because our old ones are in the garage and probably full of holes thanks to hungry mouses. And the tote bags are mostly going to be for the farmers market and traveling. I already have reusable grocery bags made of old up-cycled tshirts, but those are specifically for groceries.

Oh Reminder! Wash your reusable bags, apparently, as my local grocery bagger informed/tor me a new one, the news said that "reusable bags are a "Dangerous Hazard". Because people don't wash them and there is a strong cross contamination hazard and people are getting sick." Yeah if you buy blood meat and it gets all over your cloth bags and then you don't wash them, yeah you might get sick. But he was telling everyone NOT to use cloth bags. How about suggesting that they use washable bags, that is a much smarter solution. Ok reminder over, he just really irked me.

Anyway, rant over, here are pictures of the finished purse, It's reversible! The patterned fabric is a satin moomoo I found for 75 cents at the thrift store. What is left I think I will make an apron out of. And the solid green side was left over linen that I made Big's suit out of for his Uncle and Aunties wedding 2 years ago, I am a fabric hoarder, I know.
No giant tote bag or bean bags yet, forgot about the filler and ran out of co-operation time.


  1. my mom is a "fabric hoarder" too and she hasnt really sewn anything in years...

  2. I love it - Moo Moo to tote bag!

    And, um, I guess I'll put "wash grocery bags" on my To DO list now, but we seem to just be shopping either at Costco or getting home delivery from the CSA now, so now bags at all ... but I will remember not to re-use my bloody meat carrying bags LOL

    You are "hoarding" you are stockingpiling ... as a wise friend once told me about my yarn, you never know when a fabric emergency might come up so this way you are prepared LOL