Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Good times with eyeliner on a snowy day.

 Yes I drew a soul patch on my newborn. But isn't he super cute with one... he seems pretty happy with it.

Super Mario anyone?
We need a Snidely Whiplash hat...

Monday, January 17, 2011


 I took a trunk load of our unneeded things to the local Goodwill this morning. This is something I seem to be doing about once a week lately, and of course I went in to browse the shelves a bit after the drop off. I cannot seem to resist browsing and as an added bonus I was ALONE. Yup, Mr. T had all three boys all by himself for over and hour today and everyone was happy and alive when I got home. Good things my friends, very good things.

I had three items on my list and $10 to spend.
An interesting tall container to store my cookie cutters in. I didn't care if it was glass, metal or a basket, just that it was big enough, interesting, and woudl fit in the cupboard.
An old double prong adapter plug for an old waffle maker we acquired a few weeks ago.
And an item ALWAYS on my list, a glass dome, or cloches, for covering baked goods and treats.

Today I found two of the three, two additional goodies, and while there, I had a thought about a container I already had to hold the cookie cutters, score.

Right off the bat I found the cord for the waffle maker,  and BONUS, it works!! Guess who's having waffles tonight!?
Then right after that gem, I found a glass dome!!!(...that NEVER happens! At least it never happens that they are in pristine condition, and this one is perfect!) I will probably not use the wood cheese plate, instead opting to use a cute painted plate, but I am thrilled about the find.  It is going to look smashing on our kitchen table filled with goodies next to our full size dome.

I also came upon two other fabulous finds. The wee little tool bench, that has been played with nonstop since it came in the house and for only $2 who can beat that! And lastly little tan and brown pot, I think I will use it for our homemade sweet pickles in the summer.

I am quite content with my trip today. And with the addition of my coupon for donations I spent a whopping $7. 27! It was a super good trip. I dropped off 4 garbage bags of things for others to use and came home with one little grocery bag of perfection.

Once again, the universe provides.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ch, ch, ch, ch, Changes

I am going to be working on a new layout for a week or so. It's time a new year, a new family of 5, just time for new. Bare with me, I wont take too long and I might even make a few more posts before I change for good. So dont be alarmed if some things seem wonky for a while, I am just shaking things up a bit.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mmmmm Eggs

So we are snowed in today. yippie? It has been a bit chaotic keeping everyone happy and occupied. But we have been having fun, or at least trying to. We have been playing with play food, taking pictures and in general being silly. MAT and RAT each received a set of play cookware for Christmas and they were both asking for eggs to cook. So I crafted.

I give you, felt fried eggs, sunny side up.

You need:
white and sunny yellow felt
matching thread for each color
a sewing needle
and, if you want your yolks to be risen, a bit of fiber fill.

Simply cut some wonky whites shapes, I double layered the felt to give it strength, cut a sort of round yolk, take a pinch of fiber fill and rolled it into a wee little ball and pine the yolk onto the white with the batting between the top layer of white and yolk.
Stitched around the outer edge of the white and then around the edge of the yolk, removed pins and Voila! Felt fried eggs sunny side up.

One egg takes about 7 minutes start to finish, so this is a super easy project. And you can vary the shapes and sizes of the whites and yolks. If you notice I even made two eggs at once. or you could make a double yolker, which I also made since they are a fairly normal occurrence around here.

Happy Crafting!

If anyone knows of any other simple felt food tutorials PLEASE let me know. The boys really love their eggs and have been asking me to make more "fuzzy foods". 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Some photos of DOT's introduction and cuddles... I know it took forever

So it is a bit late but I did promise pictures of the boys meeting, and holding DOT, and I am finally getting around to it. Yay!

Proud and happy brothers, Momma and Daddy. We are chugging along and settling into our routine and I cannot believe it has been a month already. ALREADY!

DOT sleeps really well, I am VERY spoiled by this little dude. Hooray for us!

I hope to be around making more posts on a regular basis, particularly since there are so many changes around here to report! See you all soon and Woohoo for 2011!