Monday, January 17, 2011


 I took a trunk load of our unneeded things to the local Goodwill this morning. This is something I seem to be doing about once a week lately, and of course I went in to browse the shelves a bit after the drop off. I cannot seem to resist browsing and as an added bonus I was ALONE. Yup, Mr. T had all three boys all by himself for over and hour today and everyone was happy and alive when I got home. Good things my friends, very good things.

I had three items on my list and $10 to spend.
An interesting tall container to store my cookie cutters in. I didn't care if it was glass, metal or a basket, just that it was big enough, interesting, and woudl fit in the cupboard.
An old double prong adapter plug for an old waffle maker we acquired a few weeks ago.
And an item ALWAYS on my list, a glass dome, or cloches, for covering baked goods and treats.

Today I found two of the three, two additional goodies, and while there, I had a thought about a container I already had to hold the cookie cutters, score.

Right off the bat I found the cord for the waffle maker,  and BONUS, it works!! Guess who's having waffles tonight!?
Then right after that gem, I found a glass dome!!!(...that NEVER happens! At least it never happens that they are in pristine condition, and this one is perfect!) I will probably not use the wood cheese plate, instead opting to use a cute painted plate, but I am thrilled about the find.  It is going to look smashing on our kitchen table filled with goodies next to our full size dome.

I also came upon two other fabulous finds. The wee little tool bench, that has been played with nonstop since it came in the house and for only $2 who can beat that! And lastly little tan and brown pot, I think I will use it for our homemade sweet pickles in the summer.

I am quite content with my trip today. And with the addition of my coupon for donations I spent a whopping $7. 27! It was a super good trip. I dropped off 4 garbage bags of things for others to use and came home with one little grocery bag of perfection.

Once again, the universe provides.

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