Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just another week of being a pregnant.

Last Saturday I threw my back out. I was preforming the simplest of mundane tasks. I was making our bed. The sheets, blankets, and comforter were all in place, as were all but ONE of the throw pillows. The smallest of our beds throw pillows was left on the floor. It is about 8 inches by 8 inches and is probably no more than 10 ounces in weight. I bent over, I didnt twist or anything like it, simply bent over, picked it up and started to straighten my back and, PAIN, over onto the bed I fell. Weeping, hot flashing, shocking pain, and yelling for Mr. T to help. He came in and of course thought I was having some kind of baby trouble and rushed to my side. I explained that the baby was fine but I had thrown my back out and couldn't move. He asked what I was doing, and I explained about the pillow, he immediately broke out into laughter, and then quickly composed himself. He helped me up and took me down to out "hang-ups" table, which honestly, did nothing at he time. Now, a week later it helps alot, but immediately after an injury, it just makes it worse. Back up to bed I went with a couple tv series on DVD and the laptop. And I stayed in bed all day Saturday and Sunday. Sunday Mr. T sent MAT up with an odd rash for me to check out. It wasn't itchy, just odd and started on his face then moved to his trunk. No fever and he seemed fine so oh well, no worries. Honestly if Mr. T had been able to stay home Monday I would have been in bed all day that day as well, but he had to work so I had to muster the energy and stamina to be a parent.

I had to wrangle two children and drive an hour to my first midwife appointment. It was very stressful and not too much fun. I have a due date, December 4, and I am in fact pregnant. My blood pressure is 120/60, which always makes the nurse raise eyebrows till they look at my chart and realize that is EXACTLY where it always is. They drew many viles of blood from both arms leaving me looking like a junkie. Things were loud as the boys were very uncooperative and disruptive. So that was about it and I decided they will not be going to any more appointments with me as I do not need the stress. It was a typical first appointment for any pregnancy.

Then Monday night I noticed that MAT's rash was spreading, but his face was now clear, but is was migrating down his arms and legs. I decided a trip to the Doc on Tuesday would be good. We go in and it is revealed that MAT has Rubella. "Isn't that in the MMR vaccine?" I ask, because BOTH of my boys are up to date on their vaccinations and I KNOW MAT had it. I get the answer that sometimes it doesn't "take" or maybe his antibodies just weren't enough to fight of the infection. But at this point he is fine and recovering nicely. Great.

EXCEPT, Rubella is one of those terrible things for a fetus that expectant mommies are supposed to avoid, and I have been around my sick son for 2 WEEKS. Awesome. So I call my midwife, who reasures me they are already testing the blood they drew the day before for and they should have the results by the end of the week. They assured me if anything "hinky" came up they would call immediatly. It is now Saturday and I have heard nothing. I did call yesterday around lunch and the results were not back yet. I am assuming no news is good news, but who knows. I am going with the opinion that all is well, because otherwise, I might go crazy with wild imaginings.

I have also begun getting asked the question of what I think the baby's sex is? and if we are going to find out ahead of time? and if it is a boy are we going to keep trying for a girl?

The answer to question one is, I have a feeling it is a boy. I am holding out hope for a girl, but I think it will be a boy, and that is wonderful too. A healthy baby is the optimal and only outcome I am really interested in.

Two, we are still up in the air about that one. We have quite a while to decided that still and I am not sold on either side. So there is no real answer to number two.

Three, no. If it is a girl, we will talk about another baby if and when we are ready for one. If this is a boy, I am most likely done. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my boys, but I really think 3 boys would be enough for me, and I have a feeling we could have 25 children and they woudl all be boys. We could try for a girl forever with no luck, just more and more wonderful boys. I don't know how many more trips to the ER I have in me before I have a break down. So that is that.

It is Saturday again. I am still having lumbar pain and I most likely will the whole pregnancy. Just a perk of the third pregnancy and me being 28. I am going to start some prenatal yoga to try and ease the back pain and help me relax, of course I am going to wait another week to see if my queezies pass a bit before starting. Still no puking, just feeling like it. Otherwise, I feel great and most everything is rosey. MAT is feeling much better and RAT is showing no signs of illness. All good things.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us.

That's right, 5 years of marriage today. Today is our 5th wedding Anniversary. Today we celebrate 8 years together, 5 years of marriage, two homes, two children and a third on the way and all the love that comes with it.

Mr. T is still the "cute punk boy" who's foot I stepped on and in retaliation he pulled my pigtail at the party where it all began so many years ago. I still think it was fate that my best friend, since I was 5, happened to be the roommate of Mr. T's longtime high school friend in college and they threw one of their ever so popular and semi frequent parties that we both happened to attend. There had been other parties before and we had attended them at different times and had never met. This time it was fate, and we met, and we instantly liked each other. The timing was a little off, but in the end it did work out.

And now we celebrate our 5th wedding Anniversary, I still find him just as handsome, wonderful, funny, annoying, occasionally obnoxious, and lovable as I did that first meeting. I won't say it was love at first sight, but I will say it was instantaneous "like-like".

So to the man I have loved for nearly all of my adult life, Mr. T Happy Anniversary, I love you, and may we be lucky enough to have say...75 more happy years ahead.

Monday, May 10, 2010

MAT's question of the day.

"Yes, MAT?"
"Um, Mom, what's a Scurvy Pirate?"
"Well, Scurvy was a disease that, a long time ago, often effected people who worked on boats and spent long amounts of time a sea. They were on the ocean for long periods of time without fresh fruits and vegetables and Scurvy is a disease caused by lack of vitamin C, which is in alot of fruits and vegetables. Pirates were often at sea for long periods of time and didn't have proper nutrition so they often got Scurvy. That's how you get the term Scurvy Pirate. Now days you can get oranges or tomatoes at the store so it happens much less. Does that make sense?"
"Yeah...(long pause................) Pirates got sick cause their Mommies didn't make them take their vitamins."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I miss Coffee

It has been two weeks and coffe and I are still in a fight. We have tried to reconcile several times with near disastrous results. Apparently this pregnancy has decided to despise coffee and as I am involved in this pregnancy, I too must refrane from consuming it. I pine for you half caf. coffee. I have not forgotten your aroma or delectible flavor, it's just currently you make me want to wretch. It is truly not you, it is me, my senses are completely at fault. We will be reunited at a later date, I hope you will wait for me. As for now I have to focus on my relationship with my parasite unborn child, and I must say, nay. I miss you...