Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hi There!

So no we aren't dead here at Little Squidgen Home, we've just been....doing stuff....for months and months. Nice to see you again.
Everyone is well and happy, just busy. Mr. T has been working like a madman for months and months and that has required the rest of us to as well. So here's a catch up.
We have a mini van, that I have a love hate relationship. Love the space and comfort. Hate the color and the fact that it is a mini van. Oh well, it is what it is, it runs and the dvd player has its when I went camping to see Mumford and Sons in August. It was so hot that my friend, who went with me since Mr. T doesn't care for awesomeness, and I took a couple hours in the middle of the afternoon and watched Willow in the air conditioning. Don't judge me, it was really hot and the music wasn't starting it is a great film, and Mad Martigan (Val Kilmer) is hot.

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. Back to February/March-ish. the bulk of the family had birthdays. Mr. T and I both turned 30. So far, no complaints. Life happened.

I started writing a book. Yes. That's right, that's where I have been during my free moments for the past many many moons. I have been writing, just not here on the blog. The book is a romance...I hesitate to call it a "romance novel" because I tend to think them "sexy-smutty" with all the throbbing members and such, and this isn't that...per-say. Though not to disparage the genera, because my Kindle is filled with romance novels. I do love them, this just isn't exactly that. It is dirty, language wise, because my characters have foul mouths and use swear words too often, much like myself, and alot of the characters are loosely based on people I know and stories from my past. And there is a sexy element because most love stories, at some point, go there. But it is mostly about friendship, tough choices, lasting love and mostly, adventure. So there you go. I am almost finished and then we will see if I actually do anything with it when its done...maybe a self-publish of or something. So there's that.

The garden was sorely neglected this year, I was writing, and DOT was not in the slightest helpful or cooperative when out of doors. So rather than be upset with the toddler for being a distraction and nuisance, I opted to forget the garden for a season. Of course the weather being completely impossible helped this decision too.

Oh and I have lost 54 pounds since November of 2011, there's that too. I am now the size I was my senior year of high school, but with larger, albeit saggier, boobs, and a considerably larger amount of stretch marks. Yay for new clothes, boo for getting rid of non-fitting favorites. All in all I feel better about me and that is really all I can ask for. Mr. T has decided to join in and he is resting at 207 lbs currently, this is significant because he has been 235 or there abouts fifteen years. So big things on the getting fit front.

Oh and we built a massive 500 sq foot deck (Hence Mr. T working like a madman. Overtime has been very good to us)...and replaced a set of doors...and painted some rooms...and are now working on the last of the upstairs bedroom renovations.

So yeah. Busy. Here are some pictures of stuff.

Eventually the front and side here will be covered with a porch, next year hopefully.

new patio doors

 And we tried to have a photo shoot of the boys, and you all know how that went, but here they are anyway.

So that's where we are. I know I missed a lot, but nothing of any real import. We are healthy, and happy, and enjoying our time together. I hope this finds the rest of you the same.

Oh! And I have green hair. There's that too.