Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Sherlocky Capelet

I have been toying with the idea of clothing for adults, being that the new rules and regulations of manufacturing and selling childrens products basically cost too much for me to legally follow the law. This requires me to find a new creative outlet. I have been making my own clothing for years and I finally decided I should make things for other adults to wear. Here we go.

I was inspired yesterday afternoon and spent the rest of the day drafting patterns and sewing in my, I mean sewing room. After many failed attempts I think I finally came up with a pattern I feel portrays my vision, and then after literally hundreds of photos, I finally got a few I like.

I present the Sherlocky Capelet.
I think I will toy with this pattern some more, try it with a big floppy collar, and a sturdy straight up "Dracula" collar as well. I will also play with the length a bit more but for the most part I think my little cropped capelet rocks. Making things for grown ups is kinda fun too.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bartering: it's the new old way of making purchases.

Our finances are a bit skim at the moment, but we happen to have an excess of a few household and yard items. So we decided to participate in the age old tradition or bartering. The items of which we had the most excess of all things was an excess of trucks. We have one car, mine, Mr. T's giant diesel, and then my old '79 pick up, Lou, that I loved and was my first car, as well as a junky 4x4 pick up that we bought for $500 in September for a quick turn over, yet we still have... We realized that no one has money to purchase the two extra trucks so we put it out there that we would barter for them.

Last week we got an email from a gentleman who really needed a truck and had a 32inch flat panel and a new very nice laptop to trade for Lou. I was very apprehensive. He was my baby and I love that truck. However, he has not been driven since we bought the diesel, and he wasn't really the one to keep, being that he was rear wheel drive AND did not have 4 wheel drive, and we live in the snow capitol of the state. After some thought I decided it was a really good deal. We do not need the tv, we already have 3 working sets, I know eventually I would give in and buy one anyway. And the laptop we didn't really need either, we have a desk top that works just dandy. But with me going back to school it was really a good idea. The swap was for two things we didn't need but COULD use in exchange for a sentimental item we didn't need nor did we use.

So I said good by to Lou, dropped, him off, and brought home our new tv and laptop last week. I miss Lou, but our new computer and tv are very nice, and we use them both. So it was really the best move for us.
Plus we kept his bed topper and are going to use it as a shelter for the ducks in the summer after our pasture fence is finished. This way we can use the barn stall and night pen for the turkeys and chickens we are going to get. Ha!
Godzilla and the girls are checking out the new digs above.

And today Mr. T is off to Michigan to barter the other tuck for 3 cords of firewood (this is alot of wood mind you) and a wood burner for the barn.
Next week our wood bed frame for our king size bed, that we love but doesn't fit well or at all in our new bedroom, is going to go to a nice family in South Bend for a new wood chipper/shredder. The bed is just taking up space in the basement and we have a whole lot of apple wood to chip from our fall pruning, so this is another practical and good for us deal. Now if we can just barter something else in exchange for a smokehouse and some lumber and plywood things would be just great. If you have alot of junk, or stuff that isn't junk, that you don't really need, chances are someone else does. Put it out there that you are willing to barter, you never know what you might get in return.

Thank Heaven for good neighbor's

We have been battling the cold to keep our ducks in fresh unfrozen water. We carry 4, 5 gallon buckets to the duck pen daily. No so bad, but having the spigot on the house be frozen shut means we have to fill them in the bathtub. Again not so bad. But we DO have a spigot in the barn, it just doesn't work. Somewhere in the 50 yards from the house to the barn there is a break in the line. Could be right by the house or it could be from the roots of the giant silver maple that sits, conveniently, right between the barn and the house, intersecting the waterline. We would like some water in the barn so we have thought about digging the entire line up. That is a whole lot of deep digging so we have been putting it off. Here comes the thank heaven for good neighbor's part.

Our neighbor is a diesel mechanic, this bodes well for us having a diesel truck AND for the fact he often works on large diesel equipment. He will have a firetruck to work on and invite the kids over for a ride, or a giant dump truck, which the little ones just think it spectacular. Also on the plus side he works on excavators, loaders, and skid steers. He also likes to be sure they work before he sends them back, so he often needs a place to try them out. This also works to our favor a we have lots of things we would like to have dug up.

Recently he had a mini excavator and helped us out with our waterline problem. He dug and dug and found the line, then dug up the the end that goes into the barn. We now know where the line is broken, Yay! So now we just have to fix it and fill it in and voila we will have water in the barn. This will have to wait a bit, but at least we know what we need to do.

He also gave us the promise that next time he has a full size excavator in his shop he will bring it over and expand our pond. He is just the best. We are so lucky to have found our dream home with such wonderful neighbor's included in the deal.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fun with scissors, palm aid, and camera.

So I got a haircut two weeks ago, loved it, and then a few days later decided to go a bit shorter on my own, and then I went a bit shorter still last night. Apparently I will not be happy till I have a total shorty short pixie cut. But anyway, here is the end result with some variations. Weeeeee! I love fun, silly, short hair.

Work style.

Flippy do.

Sex kitten. "prrrrrr". Ha!

I think I might go darker next week and say "good bye" to the blond...but I am as of yet undecided. I really like being blond, but I might look super awesome as a dark brunet or w/ black hair too. Decisions, decisions.

A little Christmas craftiness

Last year I made the boys their very own felt stockings, they go quite nicely with our cross stitched stockings that Mr. T's maternal Grandmother made for he and I. As I was hanging all 4 on the mantle it looked a bit lopsided. My stocking faces left and all the men-folk's face right. I pondered a bit and then decided that the girls were not all represented.

So I hopped to it and made a stocking each for Morgan and Watermelon, they are family after all. So I spent Thursday working on their stockings and I think they turned out just adorable.

I think the balance of the mantle is just right now. (Notice the lack of fire in the fireplace, yeah we ran out of wood, someone, not me, seriously underestimated the amount of wood one actually needs to heat a WHOLE house for and extended period of time,when it is 12 degrees outside. But we will be prepared next season. Maybe.)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Whew, wait..

So my classes and clinicals are all done. They were sooooo much fun and my teachers were exceptional. I really think I am going to love working as a CNA, I loved "pretend" working as one. I received a GLOWING recommendation from my teachers and I am now looking for a job as a CNA. I take my state exam next week, so be thinking of me, unless it is mean thoughts ,then don't think of me. SO my new adventure in the medical field is off to a running start.

Next week I meet with my college counselor to talk about getting the rest of my pre-requisites out of the way this spring and summer semesters, so I can start nursing classes in the fall. Accelerated Anatomy and Physiology, Concepts of Math, Biology, and Microbiology HERE I COME! I already have all my English, Psychology, and electives knocked out due to my extensive stay in college the first time around. I am a bit nervous about the work load, but I am up for it. We will see how super medical and science classes balance with children, working, and home life in general. It will be an adventure, and what would life be without adventures?