Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thank Heaven for good neighbor's

We have been battling the cold to keep our ducks in fresh unfrozen water. We carry 4, 5 gallon buckets to the duck pen daily. No so bad, but having the spigot on the house be frozen shut means we have to fill them in the bathtub. Again not so bad. But we DO have a spigot in the barn, it just doesn't work. Somewhere in the 50 yards from the house to the barn there is a break in the line. Could be right by the house or it could be from the roots of the giant silver maple that sits, conveniently, right between the barn and the house, intersecting the waterline. We would like some water in the barn so we have thought about digging the entire line up. That is a whole lot of deep digging so we have been putting it off. Here comes the thank heaven for good neighbor's part.

Our neighbor is a diesel mechanic, this bodes well for us having a diesel truck AND for the fact he often works on large diesel equipment. He will have a firetruck to work on and invite the kids over for a ride, or a giant dump truck, which the little ones just think it spectacular. Also on the plus side he works on excavators, loaders, and skid steers. He also likes to be sure they work before he sends them back, so he often needs a place to try them out. This also works to our favor a we have lots of things we would like to have dug up.

Recently he had a mini excavator and helped us out with our waterline problem. He dug and dug and found the line, then dug up the the end that goes into the barn. We now know where the line is broken, Yay! So now we just have to fix it and fill it in and voila we will have water in the barn. This will have to wait a bit, but at least we know what we need to do.

He also gave us the promise that next time he has a full size excavator in his shop he will bring it over and expand our pond. He is just the best. We are so lucky to have found our dream home with such wonderful neighbor's included in the deal.

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