Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Confession. (it's a rant really)

Bahhhhhhhh! Rizzin Frazzin Rootin Tootin, poop!!!

I am having an easily annoyed, ungrateful, cranky, bad day. And it stinks.

Nothing is where I need it to be, the boys keep finding all kinds of wonderfully destructive or destructible things, none of which is in its proper place. I am realizing because of an overabundance of certain items in our home they have ZERO appreciation for many things. I will rectify this I am just not sure how to go about doing it, I for sure will not be attempting anything involving this situation today, or I will inevitably blow up.

One alarm clock has been broken this am past the point of fixing, my spirit also may be broken. I kind of just want to throw my hands up, sit on the floor, and throw a fit of my very own, though it will solve nothing and probably get me stuck on the floor for a while. I know this mood is probably hormone related but things are just dropping left and right this morning and all I want to do is go back to bed and pout and say "to hell with today".

Something dug a GIANT hole trying to get into the duck barn, thankfully it is predator proof, fingers crossed, we think. My cement mixing tub that the birds use to bathe in, either was emptied by very thirsty and playful critters overnight or it has a hole, either one annoys me to no end today. I froze my buns last night filling the damn thing only to let the birds out this morning to NO water. It is particularly annoying since I filled it last night to avoid having to fill it this morning. See the hoses freeze at night and I do NOT need to be hauling 5 gallon buckets at this point. Harrumph.

AND we have no cookies, WTF happened there??? BOOOO! At least we have coffee, that helps a little. I think I shall go do very little, as to not find more things to drive me batty this morning. That is my confession of the day, I am a grumpy cranky pregnant lady on the edge and everything annoys me today. I hope tomorrow is better, correction, I know tomorrow will be better. I just have to make it through today. Here we go.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

20 days.

Yeah, that's right I'll say it again. 20 DAYS till my due date.

Now realistically it could be 30 days, my midwife will give me 10 days past my due date, BUT we will for sure be parents of 3 in no more than 30 days.

Of course ALSO realistically, it could be as early as tomorrow... I am hoping for at least 14 more days and no more than 25. But we all know I will take whatever I am given and be happy about it. That's all.

I have been busy cleaning, cooking, baking and tidying. I have also been busy over lording, um, overseeing(?) the enclosure and construction of the bestest poultry house I could have asked for, by my overworked, under rested, and much appreciated Mr. T. It is nearly completed and I will probably post pics sometime this week.

Again, 20 days?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

In the dead of night she came...

Ok not in the DEAD of night, it was more like 8:30pm, but it was pitch black out here. Anyway, a lovely, and brave, lady who responded to our now weeks old craigslist add,  came out and loaded the back of her toppered pickup truck with the 11 Muscovies I desperately needed gone before Little T#3 arrives. Thank you, though now your name escapes me. She also said next spring whenever I have a quantity over 10 that I would like to be rid of she would happily make the drive, about 50 miles, once again to get unwanted birds, and PAY me for them. I am glad to know this and will be sure to keep her info.

Catching the birds in the dark was, not surprising to me, MUCH easier than catching them in the light. I hold this as fact because I came out of it with only a single, albeit deep, 1 inch gash on my middle finger. This ONE wound and moving ELEVEN birds is proof enough to me, considering catching one in daylight often results in at least two nasty scratches. 

So now were are left with a mere 5 Muscovy and 4 Ancona ducks and 3 American Buff geese that we are keeping over the winter. Of course we still have 6 Ancona ducks and one Embden goose to find homes for if we can. I dont mind so much if these birds stay, they are extra mouths to feed, but at least they are laying eggs and contributing around here.

SO once again thank you craigslist for putting a little money in my pocket and lowering my workload.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas Craftiness...finally

SO I have been intending to get to making Little T#3's Christmas stocking for like WEEKS AND WEEKS now, I finally got to it... yesterday. It was on my "get done before November" list, and I did get it done, at the very last second. Better late than never. He WILL be making an appearance before Christmas and even though he won't know he has a stocking, he still needs one. The devil cat and neurotic dog each have a stocking so the newborn gets one too. Yesterday I got off my keester and made one, a blank one, waiting on a name and holiday image of some sort, I am thinking a gingerbread man, reindeer or maybe an embroidered strand of lights...

Note, the pins AND, the lack of name, not that we don't have two or three picked out and are quite sure what it will be, but my luck would be to stitch the name on and then when he is born he looks nothing like that name and we change it and I have to start from scratch with a newborn. SO I am waiting, I am quite proud of myself actually, this is far more restraint than I have shown in other baby preparations.

There you have it, a bit of Holiday craftiness to enjoy. Stay tuned for the picture of it completed and all in a row on the mantle with the rest of ours in a month, give or take.

Ticky Ho Ho!

Just a few photos of pumpkin carving and the boys in their costumes. They had a marvelous time trick or treating with Mr. T and I had a marvelous time at home completing projects, some of which I intended to have done WEEKS ago, and waiting for potential trick or treater's that I knew would not come.
Oh well maybe next year. ;)
Now on to the pictures!