Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3 months and 6 and 29x2

So we had a busy week last week. MAT and I had birthdays on Thursday and then Mr. T had a birthday on Sunday. It was a fun cake filled celebration, as it is every year. I cannot believe my oldest child is 6. I know I say this every birthday or milestone for all my children but REALLY, 6 seems like such an...appropriate but  at the same time wholey unbelievable number.
We had waffles and bacon for dinner, I let MAT choose our celebratory dinner and I feel he chose well. And then ice cream cake for dessert, again no complaints from me.

We opened presents and blew out candles. It was a happy time had by all...except RAT and DOT who were sick and pretty much coughed and slept through the whole thing, poor guys.

On Friday I spent the night alone and away from my kiddos. I got a hair cut and color and went out for drinks with a friend. It was a very nice time, but just as a reminder to all you nursing Moma's out there. When you are going out and there is eve the SLIGHTEST possibility you might spend the night, do not, REPEAT, do NOT forget your breast pump on the kitchen counter. There is a reason, if you live anywhere near a dairy farm, that EVERYONE nearby knows when the  farmer is late for milking. Ouchie. It turned out ok, I will not go into detail, but it was comical. I will not forget and make that mistake again.

While out I had my first "beer" in 13 years, feel free to do that math by the way, I am now 29. Yes, when I was 16 I indulged in a few too many Natural light brand beers, yes I am aware of the yuckiness of that particular brand, believe me, and had a night with my head in the toilet and have never since been able to drink a beer. I have tried many but never have I got past more than 3 sips, until Friday. I was whisked away to an establishment that only serves beer on tap, and there were about a hundred kinds. After tasting MANY MANY MANY, I settled on a cherry something or another and it really wasn't too bad. But I had exactly one beer, I didn't like it THAT much, but it was very drinkable. My drink of choice is still an amaretto sour or a greyhound, there is just something so yummy about them both and no hoppsy after taste.

So we had some drinks, many laughs and I got a haircut.
Cute no?

It was a good time, AND Mr. T did an excellent job with the boys. This was the FIRST time he has had one of our babies overnight without me. I knew he was up for the challenge and woudl do fine. MAT went to Grandmas, to lighten his load, so he only had RAT and DOT for the night. He told me after I got home that he has a new respect for what I do. "I don't know how you do it" he said. I just told him,"I do it, there is no how, you just do, because someone has to".

On Sunday we celebrated Mr. T's birthday with some roast beef , an Oreo pie, and presents. Good times, happy celebrations and much love, I can ask for nothing more.

Oh, and DOT turned 3 months on Thursday...has it really been 3 months already, yes, yes it has. So here is some random cuteness to get you through the day.

Happy Fat Tuesday!