Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bliss, on a yucky, sickly Thursday morning

I found a little bit of bliss this morning. Something I REALLY needed after being up almost all night with RAT, he has a bad cold and could not sleep, oh and we didnt have power, so I did all my mommying by flameless candlelight. Anyway this is not about sick kids or all the hard work around here, this is about mother nature and her endless bounty and why she gives me bliss. It is very simple, really it is.

I made pumpkin muffins yesterday for MAT to take to school Friday for their Autumn/Halloween party. And in making these masterpieces I completely depleted our egg stores. Normally this would be fine, as Thursday is grocery day, but I shall mention, sick RAT, very large pregant belly, AND I am on a HUGE muffin binge lately. I can't seem to get enough and I need eggs to make the deliciousness appear. Poo. I was kind of sad about it last night as I ate the last apple cinnamon muffin.

This is why mother nature made my day and why I now love it when I run out of eggs, ok it isnt the running out I love it is the next part. I run out of eggs and then the next day when I go to let my flock out there are brand new eggs waiting to replenish my carton! Our girls havent been laying much since June, a few eggs a week, but by no means as many as they should be laying. But today, 4 eggs, all in the same neat and tidy nest. Just enough for me to make more muffins if I so desire. Bliss! Just what I needed nothing more nothing less.

And I didnt have to bundle up the sick boy, drive against the still crazy wind, get through the store before someone threw up and unload the car with my ever braxton-hicks contraction having very uncomfortable belly. YES! Mother nature YOU THE MAN! You always seem to provide us with just exactly what we need and only when we need it.

This morning gave me the same joy as raspberry and strawberry seasons seemingly endless bounty, its is funny how much joy those 3 little eggs brought me.

Yes, my flock laying just the right amount of eggs I need today, instant bliss for this momma. Enjoy your Thursday, I hope all is well in your home this fine day.

 And for those who want a babe update.
(The belly is getting bigger, "fake" but rather painful contractions are with me all day most every day, sleep is nearly impossible, eating is a constant, nothing fits but it is almost entirely because my belly is so HUGE, the point of no return will be upon us next week, you know the point where if I happen to go into labor they will let me go instead of stopping it, YIKES,  Halloween is very nearly here, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and thus Little T #3 will be here before I know it, so much to do, and as always ever little time to get it done, 5 weeks people, yes it is potentially 6 and 1/2 but more likely (I think anyway) it will be 4 weeks.)

Anyone wanna guess the date and weight that Little T #3 will arrive?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

No, I haven't died, I'm just preoccupied

Sorry I haven't been posting, though I have MANY MANY things to post about, I just can't seem to get motivated to write worthwhile finished entries. Must be the "Only 6 more weeks to go so all I wanna do is sit, read and eat" part of pregnancy that has me blocked for posts.

I promise, I will make a post next week, possibly several. I at the very least have to make one about the beautiful finished planted raised beds and post photos, if only to praise Mr. T for all his hard work and help, yes I do appreciate it very much. I have another idea bouncing around about dump trucks...but I digress.

I am off to continue sitting and reading and eating and growing a soon to be met person. Toodles all. I will give you something potentially interesting soon.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Frost me

We had our first frost yesterday and a much thicker, and colder, frost this morning. I would be upset about the fact that I still have NOT pulled a single pepper off my plants (that I started in MARCH) and we have now had our first and second frosts, but I cannot bring myself to care. I do not care that the tomato harvest is over far too soon, that the eggplants will no longer be burdening me with too abundant of fruit, and that the blasted peppers did not give me a single capsicum to nibble upon. I honestly gave up on caring about the garden a few weeks ago, instead shifting focus to trying to general fall cleanup and trying to get the raised beds squared away for the spring, which is still not done mind you. Oh well. We also had to turn the heat on this week, boo hiss. I really didn't want to, but when the children are ACTUALLY under their covers sleeping I know it is too cold in here. We keep our thermostat at 66 degrees in the winter, though it will probably be hanging out more like 70 after baby comes home. Where does your thermostat sit in the winter?

Last week was very productive, we replanted the blueberries in their own raised beds, Thanks very much Mr. T for making their little boxes for them. No more trimming oh so carefully around them with lawn sheers. I made and froze 3 lasagnas for after Little T #3's arrival, along with 12 cups of chili mac. I still have a whole lot of  preparatory cooking and freezing, and nesting, to do in the next 8 weeks, YES WE ONLY HAVE 8 WEEKS, but I feel like 5 days of dinners is a really good start. My lists of things to get done keeps growing and it seems for every one thing I cross off I add three more.

I still have many closets to go through...and I think I am going to swap the decor in our bathrooms. Right now the bathroom off our master bedroom is pretty and calming, two things that frankly are lost on the menfolk who use it all the time. I have resigned myself that until I have a masterbath with only ONE door to it and that door is off our bedroom, and no one else will be using said bathroom, I will not have the master bath I want.  Till then the bath needs to be a child and more specifically boy child friendly place. I am not removing the toilet seats or anything, they still need to lift the seat and put it back down when finished, but I am going to relinquish the pretty/calm and bring in the fun of the much beloved Spider-man bathroom. Of course Mr. T only had the one qualm with this, he love Spider-man. His response was, "But it isn't painted "spider-man-y" it's pained all green-brown, that won't work..." more importantly "Do I have to paint it?" Of course that is what he focuses on, NOT the whole heap of crazy that is is wife, thankfully. So I told him no, at least not anytime soon, which to me means months and I am sure to him it means years.

Oh well we will discuss that later. I have things to put away, rearrange, go through, toss out, miss desperately, convince myself we dont need, then go get them anyway, cooking, cleaning, resting, all in all avoid the reality that we will be parents of three in two short months.

I hope it is not too frosty cold in your neck of the woods, or at least maybe that your yards and gardens were ready for the frost, not mush like mine. Stay warm, drink hot cider, eat something made out of pumpkin and fill your home with the smell of cinnamon while you watch the leaves turn colors.