Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bliss, on a yucky, sickly Thursday morning

I found a little bit of bliss this morning. Something I REALLY needed after being up almost all night with RAT, he has a bad cold and could not sleep, oh and we didnt have power, so I did all my mommying by flameless candlelight. Anyway this is not about sick kids or all the hard work around here, this is about mother nature and her endless bounty and why she gives me bliss. It is very simple, really it is.

I made pumpkin muffins yesterday for MAT to take to school Friday for their Autumn/Halloween party. And in making these masterpieces I completely depleted our egg stores. Normally this would be fine, as Thursday is grocery day, but I shall mention, sick RAT, very large pregant belly, AND I am on a HUGE muffin binge lately. I can't seem to get enough and I need eggs to make the deliciousness appear. Poo. I was kind of sad about it last night as I ate the last apple cinnamon muffin.

This is why mother nature made my day and why I now love it when I run out of eggs, ok it isnt the running out I love it is the next part. I run out of eggs and then the next day when I go to let my flock out there are brand new eggs waiting to replenish my carton! Our girls havent been laying much since June, a few eggs a week, but by no means as many as they should be laying. But today, 4 eggs, all in the same neat and tidy nest. Just enough for me to make more muffins if I so desire. Bliss! Just what I needed nothing more nothing less.

And I didnt have to bundle up the sick boy, drive against the still crazy wind, get through the store before someone threw up and unload the car with my ever braxton-hicks contraction having very uncomfortable belly. YES! Mother nature YOU THE MAN! You always seem to provide us with just exactly what we need and only when we need it.

This morning gave me the same joy as raspberry and strawberry seasons seemingly endless bounty, its is funny how much joy those 3 little eggs brought me.

Yes, my flock laying just the right amount of eggs I need today, instant bliss for this momma. Enjoy your Thursday, I hope all is well in your home this fine day.

 And for those who want a babe update.
(The belly is getting bigger, "fake" but rather painful contractions are with me all day most every day, sleep is nearly impossible, eating is a constant, nothing fits but it is almost entirely because my belly is so HUGE, the point of no return will be upon us next week, you know the point where if I happen to go into labor they will let me go instead of stopping it, YIKES,  Halloween is very nearly here, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and thus Little T #3 will be here before I know it, so much to do, and as always ever little time to get it done, 5 weeks people, yes it is potentially 6 and 1/2 but more likely (I think anyway) it will be 4 weeks.)

Anyone wanna guess the date and weight that Little T #3 will arrive?

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