Thursday, November 4, 2010

In the dead of night she came...

Ok not in the DEAD of night, it was more like 8:30pm, but it was pitch black out here. Anyway, a lovely, and brave, lady who responded to our now weeks old craigslist add,  came out and loaded the back of her toppered pickup truck with the 11 Muscovies I desperately needed gone before Little T#3 arrives. Thank you, though now your name escapes me. She also said next spring whenever I have a quantity over 10 that I would like to be rid of she would happily make the drive, about 50 miles, once again to get unwanted birds, and PAY me for them. I am glad to know this and will be sure to keep her info.

Catching the birds in the dark was, not surprising to me, MUCH easier than catching them in the light. I hold this as fact because I came out of it with only a single, albeit deep, 1 inch gash on my middle finger. This ONE wound and moving ELEVEN birds is proof enough to me, considering catching one in daylight often results in at least two nasty scratches. 

So now were are left with a mere 5 Muscovy and 4 Ancona ducks and 3 American Buff geese that we are keeping over the winter. Of course we still have 6 Ancona ducks and one Embden goose to find homes for if we can. I dont mind so much if these birds stay, they are extra mouths to feed, but at least they are laying eggs and contributing around here.

SO once again thank you craigslist for putting a little money in my pocket and lowering my workload.

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