Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas Craftiness...finally

SO I have been intending to get to making Little T#3's Christmas stocking for like WEEKS AND WEEKS now, I finally got to it... yesterday. It was on my "get done before November" list, and I did get it done, at the very last second. Better late than never. He WILL be making an appearance before Christmas and even though he won't know he has a stocking, he still needs one. The devil cat and neurotic dog each have a stocking so the newborn gets one too. Yesterday I got off my keester and made one, a blank one, waiting on a name and holiday image of some sort, I am thinking a gingerbread man, reindeer or maybe an embroidered strand of lights...

Note, the pins AND, the lack of name, not that we don't have two or three picked out and are quite sure what it will be, but my luck would be to stitch the name on and then when he is born he looks nothing like that name and we change it and I have to start from scratch with a newborn. SO I am waiting, I am quite proud of myself actually, this is far more restraint than I have shown in other baby preparations.

There you have it, a bit of Holiday craftiness to enjoy. Stay tuned for the picture of it completed and all in a row on the mantle with the rest of ours in a month, give or take.

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  1. Cute! Can you believe he's going to be here in time to hang up a stocking! I mean, wow! You've got mere weeks, maybe even days, you know? Getting SO excited!