Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Whew, done...no wait..

So my classes and clinicals are all done. They were sooooo much fun and my teachers were exceptional. I really think I am going to love working as a CNA, I loved "pretend" working as one. I received a GLOWING recommendation from my teachers and I am now looking for a job as a CNA. I take my state exam next week, so be thinking of me, unless it is mean thoughts ,then don't think of me. SO my new adventure in the medical field is off to a running start.

Next week I meet with my college counselor to talk about getting the rest of my pre-requisites out of the way this spring and summer semesters, so I can start nursing classes in the fall. Accelerated Anatomy and Physiology, Concepts of Math, Biology, and Microbiology HERE I COME! I already have all my English, Psychology, and electives knocked out due to my extensive stay in college the first time around. I am a bit nervous about the work load, but I am up for it. We will see how super medical and science classes balance with children, working, and home life in general. It will be an adventure, and what would life be without adventures?

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  1. You are AWESOME!!!! Congrats on being done with clinicals - I'm sure you'll ACE your exam! xoxo