Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I miss Coffee

It has been two weeks and coffe and I are still in a fight. We have tried to reconcile several times with near disastrous results. Apparently this pregnancy has decided to despise coffee and as I am involved in this pregnancy, I too must refrane from consuming it. I pine for you half caf. coffee. I have not forgotten your aroma or delectible flavor, it's just currently you make me want to wretch. It is truly not you, it is me, my senses are completely at fault. We will be reunited at a later date, I hope you will wait for me. As for now I have to focus on my relationship with my parasite unborn child, and I must say, nay. I miss you...


  1. oh, man .... what about instant flavored coffee that you highly dilute w/ milk? (okay, so that is mostly sugar and not really coffee ... but better than nothing?)

    Poor you :-(

  2. I have been living off chai in the mornings which is not bad, I suppose some instant coffee is totally worth a shot. Before our fight, I wasn't putting anything in my coffee, I liked it black, which I have never liked in my life. I have got to do something, my children need a coherent kind mommy before 10 am. I miss my dear dear coffee.