Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mmmmm Eggs

So we are snowed in today. yippie? It has been a bit chaotic keeping everyone happy and occupied. But we have been having fun, or at least trying to. We have been playing with play food, taking pictures and in general being silly. MAT and RAT each received a set of play cookware for Christmas and they were both asking for eggs to cook. So I crafted.

I give you, felt fried eggs, sunny side up.

You need:
white and sunny yellow felt
matching thread for each color
a sewing needle
and, if you want your yolks to be risen, a bit of fiber fill.

Simply cut some wonky whites shapes, I double layered the felt to give it strength, cut a sort of round yolk, take a pinch of fiber fill and rolled it into a wee little ball and pine the yolk onto the white with the batting between the top layer of white and yolk.
Stitched around the outer edge of the white and then around the edge of the yolk, removed pins and Voila! Felt fried eggs sunny side up.

One egg takes about 7 minutes start to finish, so this is a super easy project. And you can vary the shapes and sizes of the whites and yolks. If you notice I even made two eggs at once. or you could make a double yolker, which I also made since they are a fairly normal occurrence around here.

Happy Crafting!

If anyone knows of any other simple felt food tutorials PLEASE let me know. The boys really love their eggs and have been asking me to make more "fuzzy foods". 


  1. LOVE this! Thanks for the tutorial! I think even someone with my limited sewing skills can tackle this one.

    I'm going to share this w/ readers in my Weekend Links because I imagine there are other snowed in families across the 49 of 50 snowy state who are looking for some snow day boredom busters, too :-)


    These will keep you busy for a long time!