Sunday, June 7, 2009

2 Boys, one room

We officially have big boys now. Last Thursday, while Mr. T was working, the boys and I moved the crib from RAT's room into MAT's room.
We have been talking about this seriously for months now, but MAT has been talking about "his babies" sleeping with him since he started talking. He has always wanted to share a room and would gladly, at this point, share his room with any number of children.
That evening at bed time we read a story to both kiddo's and said good night. MAT messed about for a few minutes and RAT took offense at the noise and made a bit of a fuss, but soon all was settled and quiet and they both slept quiet well.
We are into sharing a room nearly a week and it is still smooth sailing. If RAT wakes and has lost his pacifier, MAT finds it and gives it back if he even wakes up. It is actually quite wonderful how harmonious they are, and quite amazing how easily my baby goes to sleep even with a big brother getting a drink, going potty, and in general messing about for an hour after we say goodnight.
Now we just need to find somewhere to put all those little piece 'n' parts toys that MAT had been storing in his room which is no longer a baby free zone. Also we are kind of at a loss as to what to do with the RAT's old room. I am thinking sewing/workroom, Mr. T is thinking office, but I think a workroom is more easily reconverted back into a nursery when we will need it again. So many options, I like options. It is very nice to have rooms to not know what to do with, and we still have the basement that is completely empty also.
I am sure sometime in the future MAT will refuse to share a room and opt for his own space again, and we will build a solution when we come to problem. For now they are both thrilled to be sharing, and I am tickled to have such "big boys".


  1. we moved the crib into Jillian's room yesterday ... now the girls share "officially" (well, as official as it can be when Lucy still wakes up at least once at night to nurse LOL)

    where is the time going? Our "babies" are growing up ...


  2. PS - still have 3 bags of pumpkin puree in the freezer from Dad's CRAZY PUMPKIN HARVEST last fall ... any other ideas? (I made note of your muffin recipe link) Need to use that up because Autumn and more pumpkins will be here before I can blink, I'm sure.

    Also, what do you do w/ chard? We're getting some in our box this week and I have no clue ... is it okay in salad? Do I use it like spinach? what???


  3. I believe there is a chard & pumpkin lazagnia in the Falvey to check.
    Pie is ALWAYS good, as are muffins and those can be frozen. Soup, though with 80+ degree days it isnt ideal. I will think a bit more and find that cookbook. As far as what to do with the chard, I am at a loss too, We are growing ours and I am just putting it in salads for now, thinking quiche and in lagzagnia sound interesting, we shall see.