Thursday, June 18, 2009

The beauty of clarity.

I finally have organized our basement. This ended up being the catch all room when we moved in so our upstairs wouldn't be a hazard for the kids. It was a great idea, but the plan was to quickly go through all the boxes, of which there were at least a hundred of various sizes and shapes. Sadly they ended up being out of sight out of mind and I just recently got so annoyed that I hadn't found a favorite toy of MAT's and a toy I wanted RAT to play with before he outgrew it, that I knew something had to be done, NOW.

So with the junky weather today, seems like it isn't ever going to stop raining, and the start yesterday, I started going through sewing and crafting boxes and arranging them for my workspace, it seemed like a perfect place to start. It was.

Hours later and many many items lighter, I am finished, well all but one box of Mr.T's things that HE has to go through for me, so it will be there FOREVER. But happy to be lighter none-the less. Mr. T is on his way to the Goodwill with a computer box, another very large box, three paper boxes, and two contractor garbage bags of goodies. Mostly baby clothes, my old clothes I am finally ready to part with, and things from my childhood that we have no where to put and really have just been in a box for the last 15 years or so. I did go through EVERYTHING and I paused before I put each item in the give away pile. Anything I had a question about I kept, but put in the "think on it" box.

We now have a simple corner of storage by the furnace. Everything is well labeled and useful. One side is Holiday decorations, and funnily enough we have as many boxes marked "Skulls" as we do "Christmas tree Ornaments", Halloween is big around here. And the other side is keepsakes, baby toys and gadgets, and clothing storage. They are all tucked away and out of sight. Now we have and empty bedroom and all this space in the basement, what am I going to do to occupy myself. My mind is spinning with all the ways I can use the spaces. Sadly I have no funds to make any improvements, boo.

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