Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Residents

Our barn/garage has some new residents that have moved in over the last week. No not rodents, those are longtime residents, sadly, not new arrivals. We have barn swallows!

How COOL are Barn Swallows. With their supercharged flying and diving, incredible ability to zero in on the tiniest of insects mid-flight, and beautiful appearance down to those tell tale "V" shaped tails and orange breast. They are just very cool and super happy they deemed our barn the best place to build a home and raise their young. Not to mention all that free pest removal and mosquito control.

Just one more super cool thing about living in the country I get to be able to experience. I love it here.

Oh and I know, NO PICTURES? but hey those suckers are WAY fast and I cant get a photo of them that isn't of empty air. Sorry those are the breaks. I guess I just have to enjoy them in real life.

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