Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bedtime conversations with a 4 year old.

When I was putting MAT to be this evening we were talking about moving RAT into his room. RAT sleeps well and goes to bed easy and even though he is only 15 months old we are thinking about moving him in. We want them to share a room and MAT wants very much to share, so we are considering moving him in the near future.

MAT says, "I's happy to share a room and I's plenty of room in my bed for baby RAT."

I said that RAT will be sleeping in his crib for a while longer, at least till he climbs out. If he is out of the crib sharing is perfectly fine, though I think they will probably still sleep in different beds for a while.

I asked MAT if he wanted to get a skinnier big boy bed, he has been sleeping in a full size bed since he was 15 months old, that was when the crib no longer kept him in. Maybe a twin bed would be good, hoping for a bit more space and maybe a guest bed out of the deal.

He replied, "no I think I will keep my big big boy bed. Because this bed is big enough for when we have a girl baby, her can sleep in this one with me. Cause the next baby we get will be a girl and I will love her. You gonna tell Daddy I want a girl baby, right?"

I said, "well buddy I don't think we are gonna have another baby for a while yet and I can't promise that when we have another baby that the one we get will be a girl."

After a long pause and deep thought he grinned real big and threw up his arms and exclaimed, "I can know I will tell Grandma, and Daddy, AND Santa we want a girl baby and we'll get one I bet!"

He melts my heart. How lucky are we?

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  1. awwwww ... what a sweetheart! (and so smart, too)