Friday, May 27, 2011

To do

RAT and DOT and I went out for some errands this morning.

To DO for today:
1)Pop in at feed store and place inevitable order for duck starter feed. All 4 of my Muscovy girls are now sitting.
2)Stop by the dairy down the road and pick up as many bales of straw as the tahoe will hold with us in it.(the answer to that is 4 bales.) AND put them down in the bare spots of the garden, reserving 1/4 bale for Uncle Nate.
3)Pick up a couple bags of topsoil to cover fast growing tire potatoes to keep them covered and thus productive.
4)Pop by the goodwill and see whats new and good, if anything. (I scored some Excellent finds today, see my next post for more)
5) Finish untangling yarn wad that MAT mussed up when he was 18 MONTHS old.  I started this earlier this week. What with all the lousy weather we have been in the basement, thus my workroom, for a few days. I couldn't stand the mess anymore so I started organizing and going through it, and I came upon this box of disaster.Yes, I HAVE been avoiding this particular task since 2006, thanks for noticing. It is something I can do with DOT in my lap and he is teething, so, he is attached to me this week.
6) Continue organizing basement and working on"heat escape cave". This is a room in the basement with a tiny tv (now with satellite thanks to my genius skills), mildly comfortable seating and other amenities that we can use on impossibly hot days this summer. As I  am not interested in running the AC ALL summer and wasting the money, when we have a whole level of the house, as large as the main level of our house,  that stays between 50 and 65 year round. 
7) Snuggle with the boys.
8) Make a plan for the rest of the weekend.

I am on the final 3. Its good to be nearly done before 2pm. Have a good one!

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