Monday, May 16, 2011

A decade of hair. Years 2003-2007

This year I turned 21, cut back my hours at school, and got a job. So the hair had to go a "natural" color for some years, and apparently took very few photos.

 I was blessed with SO many excellent roommates over the years, Steph was one of the very best.

And then we got engaged

And then Mr. T and I moved in together, and then like a minute later, we got pregnant with MAT.

This was a very good year.I had a baby, this was MAT's baby shower...(Also shaved my head for the first time)

We got married.

And I dyed my hair black for the first time. (there was also an orange and black mohawk in this year, but I have no clear photos of it)

I started 2006 with a plan...a plan to let my hair grow for a specific purpose.

I still colored it, but I didn't cut it.

And then one day when it had grown long enough, I called my friend Melissa.

And over she came to make me look fabulous. For hours and hours, she sat, and combed and ratted my hair in tiny sections, for hours, because she is awesome.

And then in the wee hours of the morning. I had dreadlocks.

And it was good.


And then in the fall of 2007, whilst very pregnant, I noticed they were no longer locking. I attributed that to hormonal changes from being pregnant with RAT. Some womens hair goes stick straight, or limp while pregnant, my hair would no longer lock, no matter what I tried. I feared I would have to shave my head to lose my locks...ok not really feared, I had done it before, but I didn't really want to shave my head. So began the research.

After lots of research, a half gallon of super duper detangler conditioner, locating a heavy duty fine toothed metal comb, and a WONDERFUL husband who agreed to do the work, we embarked on the week long (potential disaster) of combing out my ratted matted mess of dread-locked hair. Seriously it took a week and there were no guarantees.
After hours of combing a day for 6 days.

After all the work, time, pain, and patience, I had a head of destroyed, but long unlocked hair. And it was good. I left it alone for many months after this, it was too damaged for me to play much with.

Thus ends years 2003- 2007.

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