Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The reclaimed wood raised beds ( yes I am FINALLY posting pictures)

You may recall me mentioning the wonderful reclaimed wood raised bed boxes that Mr. T made me last fall, if you dont it doesn't matter. But here they are! finally, sorry it took so long, I've been busy. A friend of ours mentioned they were removing their old deck and wondered what to do with the refuse. They were thinking call for a dumpster, but I suggested they should call us. We drove down and picked it up. It sat for months, we picked it up in 2009 if that tells you anything, but then last fall Mr. T decided to build things. And off we went.

The farthest one contains asparagus and petunias, supposedly they are helped by each other. The middle one contains strawberries, spinach, and onions, we are all about companion planting this year. The box on the end contains the most successful rhubarb planting of my life. And the closest bed again contains strawberries, spinach, and onions.

Here is a close up of our spinach and strawberries. We harvested a handful of baby leaves today for lunch, yummy.

Mr. T also built me some boxes for my wee blueberries, mostly so we wouldn't run them over with the mower. I paired them with pansies, no real reason other than I think they look pretty.

They looked so bare last week.

There you have it. things are growing, being planted, and worked on around here. I am not avoiding you, I'm working here.

I hope things are growing well where you are!

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  1. These are AWESOME! Once again, my itty bitty backyard garden wants to be your homestead when it grows up :-)