Friday, May 27, 2011

Thrift store goodness

I love when I find awesomeness cheaply. My weekly trip to the thrift store turned up some goodness today, ps, I dont always go IN every week, but I do drop things off every week, today just happened to be a go in kinda day.
It was a VERY successful trip. I picked up 3 baskets, a lovely green glass pitcher, RAT picked out a pink umbrella (and has been asking if it is raining yet? since we got home), AND the piece of the day, the adorable white bench, for $5 none the less! I would love about 6 more just like it...just sayin.
He is SO pleased with his umbrella.

I cannot wait to use this.

I have already filled this beauty with my newly un-mussed yarn stash and current crocheting and knitting projects.

For yet undetermined destinations, but will store something somewhere
I love it when I have a hunch something special is waiting for us and there REALLY is when we get there. Total trip, $8

1 comment:

  1. SO jealous! I have not had a good thrift store or yard sale score in a long time.

    LOVE the bench! and hope you get a few raindrops soon so mr. Rat can use his umbrella :-)