Thursday, April 8, 2010


I am seriously fighting the urge to sew maternity clothes and loads of little bitty girl things. I do not need maternity clothes yet, or at all really, and to begin with it is far too early to do either. Both my previous pregnancy's were mostly through the winter so I should have a massive amount of clothing in storage that I will fit with no problem. I do not want to make a bunch of items I will probably not wear. Lets face it I will end up wearing old tshirts and a belly band or dresses that aren't maternity anyway. There is no point in making things that won't be worn.

Along similar lines, I will NOT make girlie items unless we know Little T #3's gender. I made the mistake of sewing girlie things for RAT during his pregnancy, with the first two we waited till they were born to find out their gender, and then was sad when I had to put all those goodies in storage because, well, as we all know RAT wasn't a girl. Not that I was sad that RAT was not a girl, I am and was thrilled to have two sons, but I was sad that all those carefully created and loved items would not be worn. As a result I am holding off till we know...anything really. I suppose I do not have a need to sew girlie things anyway, we have a 50 gallon tote full of items that would have been for RAT.

I think I will fulfill my sewing urges with some new pillows and perhaps a quilt. I suppose one can never have too many pillows or quilts...or at least I can tell myself that. Or maybe I will spend my time converting far oversized t-shirts to rouched maternity t's... NO no I will make pillows and quilts, and shopping bags! Perfect!

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  1. You could make some of these cute storage things:


    Hope you're feeling well xoxo