Friday, April 2, 2010

Amazing what a coat of paint can do... and loads of sewing handiwork.

A few weeks ago, ok like a month and a half ago, we purchased some new paint for a few rooms. We purchased an aqua for the little bedroom, this happened to be a NO VOC paint, and Mr. T knocked the painting out in a few hours. We also purchased a mis-tint in a LOW VOC paint for our upstairs bathroom (we will get to that paint later).

I love NO VOC paint. Aside from damp smell, the paint didn't smell AT ALL. I wouldn't have known anyone was painting if I hadn't let Mr. T paint. Now of course this room will look totally different when the full bed is gone and the crib and changing table are back in it, but for now it is just right as a guest room. And more on that at a later date...

I have a thing for a child's rooms being rainbow and bright colored because I think it is cheerful and fun, and a child's room should be both. I  like to quilt in for children because I think it gives a texture and keeps interest when there are a lot of different prints used.

I often quilt with rainbow colored fabrics for my kids. I made the curtains shortly after we moved in, when this room was still RAT's nursery. They were made with scraps and I quite love them, they look amazing from outside the house as well, not that anyone sees them. I made the two quilted pillow cases that are not on the bed, just after MAT was born. And I made the two quilted pillow cases on the bed just two days ago. I made the tan bedspread too, not that it is rainbow or really quilted, but I made it just the same. In fact the only three textile things in the room I did not make are the blue bed spread at the foot of the bed, that was the one I took to college, the green bandana print table cloth in the corner, was a thrift store find, and the cream blanket that hangs on the back of the rocking chair, was a gift for RAT on his birth. Everything else fabric that is visible, I made. I feel like this room is near finished. Of course it is, I am going to mess it all up soon.


  1. Okay, that settles it: how much would you charge to make us curtains? The girls and Max both need some and I'd love to have some in the loft, too. I'm LOVIN' all the rainbows!


  2. We can work something out ;) as long as you don't want them perfectly matched, I am a firm believer in all patchwork creations being a little bit off, well I am a believer and I am not anal enough to take the time to perfectly measure when it comes to patchwork.

    I can whip up 6 curtains in no time. As long as you don't mind a potential squatter with two ruffians in tow when I make them, it would be more fun to make them at your house, and it is an excuse to visit!!