Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Little T. #3

Yes, that's right folks, we are officially expecting our third child. We found out a few weeks ago and were keeping it a secret till Easter. We conveniently were having the holiday at our home and *ALMOST  everyone we wanted to tell first, was present. Of course Mr. T ended up working all day, can't complain about holiday pay, so I gave MAT the honors of spilling the beans to everyone. After the holiday and a few messages and phone calls later and the whole world can now be told. We are due at the very end of November/very beginning of December, but are unsure about a "true" due date as we haven't been to the doctor yet. I am feeling surprisingly wonderful. REALLY surprisingly. I haven't been sick once.

I will tell you something that is probably TMI about my previous pregnancy's, but I am telling you anyway. I threw up, at least once a day, everyday, for 6 months with MAT and at least once a day, every day, for 5 months with RAT. Yeah. So the fact that I only feel queasy for the first hour after I get up and then after 9:30 pm, is actually quite amazing. I always joke that I would have 10 kids if I were lucky enough to have easy pregnancies. If this keeps up I might just have to live up to that. I am tired all the time, but this time of year I tend to be tired all the time anyway. A combination of early bird children and loads of work on the homestead equals a regularly tired Momma. I am doing much less but just as tired. I am also not really sleeping. I guess I am trading off puking for waking every 3 hours, personally I will take the trouble sleeping over puking any day.

Mr. T has responded incredibly nonchalantly, not to imply he isn't excited, because he is, very much so. But his plan is just to work as much as he can, and ask me at least once a day if I am feeling ok. He isn't freaking out, which he really did with MAT's pregnancy and still did with RAT's. I think this time I am feeling better so he can relax. He told me the other day, "The thing I am most excited about, aside from another child of ours in this world of course, is the tax break. This is one of those rare births where the child is only here for a matter of days, but you get to claim them for the WHOLE year. How sweet is that?" My husband is so funny. At least I think so.

MAT keeps telling everyone it's a girl, we have hopes, but no way to check as of yet and no idea if we will actually find out once the time has come we can find out. He has been asking for a sister since before RAT was born. I think we might "need" to, for MAT's sake. I think he might be crushed if he get's another brother and some time to prepare for a NOT sister could be good. But he is very excited. When he told my mom he said "Grandma, pretty soon we are gonna have a girl baby, it's growing in Mommy's tummy and when it's born it's gonna come out her bagina (he has trouble with "v" sounds)." Isn't that the cutest thing EVER!

RAT seems to be as excited as I expect a 2 year old to be. He doesn't get it, isn't excited *yet*, and doesn't care to be. I think he will be more excited around October or so. Maybe he will get excited when it is more evident... or maybe will be indifferent about the whole thing. We are reading books on being a big brother and playing with the baby dolls. Both boys enjoy the books and baby dolls, so we have that going for us.

We are over the moon and don't plan on coming down anytime soon.

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  1. Hooray!!!!!!!!

    We're over the moon for you, too! xoxo