Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Catching up a bit...

I finally got on the ball and ordered our goslings. I ordered 6 American Buff geese, which are an American critical breed. They are supposed to have the best disposition and be very quiet and they are also beautiful. I also ordered 5 Embden geese, they are all white and have blue eyes. They will both be for eating but the Embden in particular. We plan on keeping 2 mated pairs of the Buff. Of course I am the main dispatcher so when butcher time comes around I might not have the energy, stomach, or will for butcher. I suppose we can take them to the processor this year, I think it might be worth it. But at least we know what we will be having for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, since I will NOT be going anywhere those holidays this year. Goose, it's what's for dinner.

I also finally got my butt in gear and started some seeds indoors. Yes, I know it is the middle of April, I should have started these weeks ago, but I didn't, sue me. I have my peppers (rainbow sweet peppers), tomatoes (Green Zebra, Caspian Pink, and Reisentraub and I am contemplating a seedless hybrid that I have), basil, eggplant, broccoli, and three types of lettuce.

I had a nice little side of 5 asparigus with my lunch yesterday. My plants are awake but tey are  not fully producing  yet, I hope to be up to my eyeballs by next week or so, one can hope right. I am cleaning up the Strawberry beds, but not clearing them of their protective blanket just yet, we still have the threat of frost for another month. I am not getting much done and our new garden bed is about a week behind from last year. Our wonderful neighbore tills it for us when he tills his. Since it is a benevolent act of kindness I dont ask him when he is going to do it, nor do I push him to get it done.

If I want it done on my schedual I should till it myself or PAY someone to do it. I have considered both, but the boys love to watch the big tractor ripping up the yard, I can't take that away. Plus I have the back garden that I can plant along the southe side of and get descent results. Lettuce and other greens dont seem to be too bothered by the Jungalone. I may plant a row or two to satisfy my hunger for greens, or maybe try some in a pot...

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