Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hark in the distance, what IS that?

A few days ago I looked out my kitchen window and saw what looked like a big rock slowly crossing the field. I knew instantly what it was and where it was going, and it was SO not happening on my watch.

The area to the left and behind the field is a swampy boggy place several acres around. This big sucker was plotting along from there to our little 1/4 acre mud hole duck pond to the right and forward of the photo.

I sprang into action. I knew what I was going to do...first I called my dad because honestly for this big guy to get from where he started to this point it had probably been 1/2 an hour, so I knew I had time to chat a bit.

I called Dad, to confirm my strategy then I finished dinner, which took 5 minutes, and then sprang into action. I went to the barn and gathered a duck barrel, or a 35 gallon barrel that was repurposed into a duck house by removing one end,  and trudged into the field. I positioned the barrel in front of the big snapper, and waited for him to puff up and draw back. When he did I scooted the barrel as close as I could and then flipped him into the barrel by the butt of his shell. TADA! Snapping turtle in a bucket!

Now it is a good idea to point out snapping turtles are dangerous and ill tempered critters, do not mess with them unless you know what you are doing. This was fortunately  NOT the first snapper I have encountered. And yes it was necessary for me to stop him from getting to my pond, I am sure it already has all the snappy residents it needs and did NOT need another dinner plate sized shell inhabitant. Yes it was a BIG cranky fella.

My original thought was turtle soup, but with the pregnancy, reptiles are an no for pregnant mums, AND MR. T working crazy hours and not being home to supervise the kiddo's whilst I work, I decided this guy would get a reprieve. I took him several miles away to the marsh and let him go. He will be happy there. And I am sure will get very fat on duckling, just not mine.

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  1. Ma Ingalls to the rescue again! You are so brave!

    And here I am freaked out over a little lint ball .... and you're going up again wild creature ;-)