Friday, October 9, 2009


Crash! Thump, thump, thump, skreeeee, bing!"

This is the sound I hear ringing through out the house radiating from the kitchen. Then a few seconds later it repeats and then relative quiet, just the incomprehensible murmurs of children in another room.

I get up from the couch, my coffee, and my morning NPR and run into the kitchen. Where I find my oldest child high fiveing my youngest child and telling him "great job baby!". Apparently the noise I heard was my oldest putting his oatmeal bowl, spoon, and empty juice cup in the sink, a very proud moment as a mom for me on a daily basis. If I could just get him to put his dirty laundry in the basket instead of strewn about the floor of his room, but I digress.

The second repeat ruckus I heard was my youngest child imitating his older brother. At 19 months old, RAT put his own oatmeal dish, spoon and juice cup in the sink after breakfast. I didn't even have to coerce him, I am sure MAT did that for me. He can barely reach the counter but apparently he can slide things over the ledge and into the sink. What a big boy task. What a couple of great kids. This totally makes up for the before 6 am wake up calls of this week. I could not be prouder of my boys today. Big stuff.

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