Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall is here, and so is the flue.

The leaves are turning and, as of the crazy wind over the last few days, falling off the trees. There is a slight nip in the air and all around it feels like fall. It's about time. Many cups of chai tea and, today, a warm fire in the fireplace, can I just tell you HOW much I LOVE this, is just a fantastic way to spend the day. The smell of wood burning permeates the house. This is just blissful.

MAT stayed home from school today. Yesterday he brought home a new lunch menu, and a fever, and then later last evening puking...all over the floor. Yay. Thankfully today he is fever less and even more thankfully he is vomit-less. I hope it was a noncontagious and simple yuck and that it is all done in this house, as we are to have company this weekend and have a very important 90th Birthday Party to attend. I really do not want to miss either and I really don't want to be ill, again.

So MAT stayed home and we all snuggled, Mr. T is included in that, unfortunately he is laid off again. Boo, but whatcha gonna do? We are making the best of it. We are rearranging the house, Ok ok, I am rearranging and Mr. T is keeping his mouth shut. I am loving the new arrangement and feeling renewed, which I need knowing that Mr. will be around all the time. I am finding little projects for him to do that don't cost anything but need to be done just the same. So even though it is a bit scary, it is not so scary with simple things like homemade butter on corn bread muffins, snuggling on the couch under a homemade blanket with your kiddo's, in front of the fire, in a room arranged to your specifications, while sipping on some chai tea. So till my next check in I say, things are good all around.

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