Thursday, September 17, 2009

New duckies!

And they were free! My local 4-H poultry lady called me last week, I called her 2 months ago to ask some questions about butchering and to let her know I would happily take any unwanted birds that she heard about.

She ask, when she called last weeks, if I might be interested in some free birds. I said "sure what kinds? How many? Where are they?" She said, "well...there are 30 or so chickens, about a dozed turkeys, 20 or so Muscovy ducks, and some geese too." Taken aback I said "well I can only take 4 or so birds, I just don't have the room."

"Anything will help, the owners are being evicted and cant take any with them." She gave me the address and I went. I brought home only 4 Muscovy's, some adorable ducks, and they fly.

I WISH I had a place for those turkeys, and the rest of the Muscovy's, but sadly we do not. Next year maybe we will get lucky and get some more free birds when we have a place to put them. But for now we have a drake and 3 hens.

They did fly when I brought them home, and after a not so fun trip around the yard to get them back in their pen on the 3rd day, their flight feathers have now been clipped. Maybe next year we will let them grow in so they can fly around the property, once they know where home is. This year they need to be flightless so they stay home, though I am sad they can roost anymore, they are so cute up on the dividing boards in the pen.
So we welcome Hammy the drake, Nancy the brown and white adult hen (they are in the first picture), Franny the white and brown juvenile hen, and Maude the chocolate hen (in the second).

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  1. AWwww, your new little flock! I bet the people who had to give them up are very thankful that they have found a good home.

    We read the book Our Animal Friends yesterday about all the animals that live on a farm and I kept thinking of you guys :-)