Sunday, October 11, 2009


Everything is frosty frozen. The duck pools have 3 inches of ice in them, the dog bowl is almost frozen solid, there is a sheen to everything with its frosty blanket. I hope I picked and chose the right plants to cover and save.

Now if we can just figure out the fresh unfrozen water for the ducks problem it will be a successful day. Our barn spigot doesn't work, something we intended on fixing before the winter this year, but with the lay offs who can afford to rent a trencher. So we have been running a hose from the house spigot to the duck pen. Now this wont work in the winter, freezing temperatures make hoses and pipes explode you know, so I am slowly coming to the realization that I will be toting 5 gallon buckets or 2 gallon bottles to the duck yard several times a day to keep the ducks in wet unfrozen water. Hmm...We shall see if I truly have the gusto to be self sufficient after a winter of carrying water through 4 feet or so of snow everyday at least twice a day.

As least Mr. T bartered work for a snow blower, so I MIGHT not be walking through 4 feet of snow. He is a bartering genius. The pay was not going to be great for the job he got it from but he asked the guy if there was anything to trade.

He replied "well...I have an newer 2 phase snow blower. It worked two years ago but wouldn't start last year." Mr. T said "I'll take it!". It literally took him maybe two hours to figure out what was wrong and get it running again. We are in the Lake Michigan snow belt. Right where we live is where the most snow falls and accumulates in our state. Good thing I don't mind being snow bound too much and good thing we are slowly preparing for the many long winters ahead.

After we find a snow shovel, we will be set for winter, I think, aside from the water issue. We have a generator, and a snow blower, a working wood stove and chainsaw, Mr. T is working for a huge amount of seasoned fire wood next week and, for once, we all have winter coats that fit, before the snow falls. I think we are in pretty good shape, provided the propane tank will make it through the winter without being filled. I guess I will just have to watch my baking and use of the dryer.

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  1. Lovely photo and description - I felt like I was waking up there ... no hard frost here (just yet, I know it is coming ...)

    Way to go Nick on the snowblower deal! You guys are gonna need it :-)

    Happy Monday! xoxo