Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Conversation with MAT over coffee this morning.

MAT, "Mommy?"
Me, "yes MAT".
MAT, "Can we have a girl baby?"
Me, "Well MAT we aren't going to have any new babies for a while yet, and even when we do I can't promise it will be a girl. We will get what we get. It could be a boy or a girl."
...long pause...
MAT, "Well...if we get rid of RAT, will it be a girl baby? Cause I'm kinda leaning that way."
...long pause as if I am considering it...
Me, "Hmmm, nope we keep RAT, and we take whatever baby we get when we get one, those are the rules."
MAT, " Well then I think I wanna play a new game."

He is so set on us having a new baby right now, and especially that it be a girl. I think when we do have another one and it is a boy, lets face it I will only have boys, he will be absolutely crushed and sullen. Hopefully we can work on this more before we decide to have another. Poor guy is just set on having a sister.


  1. "I'm kinda leaning that way" - oh that kid cracks me up! :-D

  2. oh, hey - would you mind sharing your banana zucchini bread and mini chocolate chip zucchini blonde brownies recipes? I think your blog readers would like to have those ;-)

    love you!

  3. PS - this blog has totally been making me think of you and Jillian and how much you two are into Halloween! Love it!

    And thought you'd love it, too! xoxo