Saturday, October 31, 2009


This Boo is not to be taken as a spooky ghost boo. It is to be taken as a " BOOO! *fist shaking* Get of the field Ump you SUCK! BOOOO!" Got it? Good.

So it is Halloween, the favorite holiday of my husband and I, and a very close second favorite holiday of MAT's. RAT likes it too, but doesn't know why. Unfortunately we, like many others I know, are going to have an unholiday thanks to the yucky fever puke stuff that everyone has. Luckily the pukey stuff has passed us over for the moment. MAT came home with a fever yesterday, cried and felt junky all night. This morning he is putting on a very brave front, though he still has a fever and clearly does not feel his best. He keeps saying, "but I am all better, I can go trick or treating." *cough, cough, hack, hack.* " Really Momma, I feel find." Poor guy, he is all stuffy and coughy and generally felling like junk. And today baby brother is getting in on the action. RAT is also running a small fever today. Yay.

So trick or treating is out of the question as is visiting family today. Boo. But there is a silver lining, even though they are sick they are sill in the holiday spirit. Both boys dressed up, for a little while anyway and let me take pictures for a bit.
Here they are "the Brother Kings of Hated Vegetables!"

The King of Peas! (a.k.a. RAT)

The King of Brussel Sprouts (a.k.a. MAT)


  1. oh, my stars! They are so cute! :-)

    So sorry this year's Halloween was such a bust for our households ... perhaps this gives us time to plan the awesomest Halloween EVER for next year?

    Love you lots!xoxo

  2. The kids actually didnt seem to mind. We didnt have any trick or treaters so it was easy to distract them into not terribly missing the holiday. Aside from scratchy froggy voices things are pretty good here, hope you are are feeling worlds better.