Friday, January 20, 2012

Take Care of your Mother...

else-wise, THIS might happen!
I swear I am not totally inept.

I DID start this sourdough mother all by myself with only water and flour, love and attention, and time, lots of time. It was a week old on the 18th, it was easily doubling every 12 hours and smelled of alcohol, all great things for sourdough.

I made my first loaf on Wednesday and it was pretty good, everyone in the house thinks it is the best bread yet! So in preparation of  today's baking extravaganza I didn't discard any yesterday and then fed it again at 8 am this morning. My jar was only half full, so I thought that I would be ok till I got to make my dough at 10am (naptime). How much could happen in two hours? Right?

I was woefully wrong. On the upside, I have enough "discard" to make bread bowls AND sourdough pancakes. WINNING!

So, in summation, just a reminder, take care of your mother... and enjoy your Friday!

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