Thursday, January 12, 2012

What I can do in a naptime.

Lay the toddler down. (Who coincidentally, went and got a pacifier and stood by the stairs when I commented that "it might be naptime" because of someones attitude. Oddly enough apparently DOT also thought he needed a nap. AMAZING. That boy. Oh. I love him.)

Put in first load of laundry.
Re-read the instructions of homemade ricotta cheese, again, for like the 20th time.
Ready and add ingredients.
Cook ingredients with stirring assistance of RAT.
High five 3 year old for excellent help and for not burning himself, turn off stove.
Put first load in the dryer while curds rest.
Start second load of laundry.
Trip over the cat who is attached to your ankle because she thinks you haven't fed her, even though you in fact did, 2 hours ago, like you do every day.
Dance break with 3 year old helper.
Surf net to find out uses for whey other than pouring it down drain, hit the jackpot.
Search  recipe box for Amanda Soule's fantastic carrot tomato soup. Because, after all, it has been a week since you have had it.
Line colander and place it in large bowl.
Strain curds and separate whey.
Forget to write "cheese cloth" on the grocery list.
Tie and let drip.
Wash pot and whey and ricotta storage jars.
Dry them.
Put pot back on stove and toss in 2 Tbls butter and turn on burner.
Cut onion, carrots, and ready herbs and seasonings for soup.
Toss goodies in pot.
Pour whey and ricotta into containers.
Remember write "cheese cloth" on grocery list and this time immediately go do it.
Taste ricotta, roll eyes and make the "yummmmmm" sound when something is delicious.
Try not to eat it by the spoonful. 
Stir pot.
Wash some more dishes, our dishwasher is possessed and nearly impossible for me to start so I hand wash dishes.
Add tomatoes, we use our whole home canned tomatoes instead of fresh roasted ones, it is winter after all, and whey, instead of stock, I'm gonna try it, why not.  What's the worst that could happen?
Make self a salad and 3 year old's lunch.
Dance break (we put a radio in the kitchen, that's why all the dance breaks).
Remove dry laundry and think about putting them away, then decide against it.
Hang load of dedicates to dry.
Go get toddler who has now woken from his nap and also wants lunch. 

2 hours, 6 minutes.

I still have to puree and strain the soup, but really I feel like a rockstar. If only I had got the bread made...Oh well we still have enough to get through today and there is always tomorrows nap. Enjoy your Thursday folks! And to those of you, like me, who are expecting snow. Button up and enjoy the show!

(I will post pictures of the Ricotta cheese making process one of these days, but I didn't get the photo's off the camera yet.)

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  1. You feel like a rockstar because you ARE a rockstar! xoxo