Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sick Day...s

We are all sick here at the T house. Last Tuesday Mr. T came home feeling like yuck, and by Wednesday he was shivering and shaking with a crazy fever, rumbly tummy, and cough. Of course Friday morning RAT woke with a cough and by mid-afternoon was wiped out. MAT got home from school and by 6pm RAT, MAT and Mr. T were all asleep on the couch. Vomiting, coughing, and fever. This continued all weekend...and most of this week so far. The pull out couch earned its place as a valuable piece of furniture this weekend. And Mr. T verbalized his appreciation of my creating and hording of blankets, since there seemed to always be some in the washer and some waiting to be all weekend. Yes it was rather gross, but, vomit happens, as you all know.

DOT and I tried to steer clear as much as possible. I cut quilt pieces and organized my workroom, trying to quarantine us from the epidemic upstairs. But as you moms know, most of the time, when your kiddo's are sick, there is no one on the planet they wanna snuggle with more than good ole Mom.

Despite my best efforts on Sunday evening DOT got sick. This was kinda scary for me, as he is just two months old and I have been fortunate enough, till now, to not have sick babies till the were 6 months or so. Thankfully DOT got over his fever very quickly and is just coughing now. But yesterday, *ominous music*, I got sick. CRAP! I cannot afford to be sick, I have sick kids to take care of and a house to run. Luckily, yes I said luckily, the older boys are still feverish so they just lay around, drink, and sleep. DOT, thankfully, is just phlegmy. When this mom is sick she needs her kiddos to either be sick too or totally healthy. Well enough to go to school or Grandma's or sick enough to lay around with me and not complain about boredom.

As soon as Mr. T got home I went to bed. I went wearing sweat pants, tshirt, fleece robe, wool socks, and sock hat. I crawled into bed under the comforter, fleece blanket, cotton afghan, and sheet, and there I layed shivering for 3 hours. Then last night I didn't get any sleep thanks to alternating cold chills and hot flashes. Thankfully I woke this morning fever free and just battling a cough and runny nose. The older boys didn't wake so lucky.

DOT seems to be feeling the best while the older two are still feeling pretty puney and have on again off again fevers. They did manage to successfully eat today, so that's a plus. AND RAT made it through being yucky sick without having any potty accidents. That boy has been a potty training savant. That's the news from the house of puke and phlegm Little Squidgen.

Now I have to go check all the rooms for tissues to scavenge.

And on a totally unrelated note: I think I am going to give knitting another shot. Who knows I might have developed some patience since I last tried.

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