Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's potty (training) time!!

So T boy number two is officially...wait for it... POTTY TRAINED!!!

Yes folks, that's right! RAT is potty trained BEFORE his third birthday. (which, incidentally, is the 13th. I KNOW, crazy right)

Back to the subject at hand.We said bye bye to diapers Monday, January 24th 2011. Mostly because Mommy was really just sick of changing two little guys diapers and I KNEW he was ready. It was REALLY easy, surprisingly so. I just asked if he wanted to start using the potty all the time and wearing underpants like MAT, Mommy and Daddy.
He said, "Yup", and off we went.

As of today, we are diaper free, accident free for  more than a week, and he has been sick for the last 5 days.
Impressive? I think so.

He is still wear training pants at night even though he has proven he will wake and get to the potty in time. But it makes him feel better knowing he is covered in case of accidents (cause no one likes a wet bed).

SO high five to my little RAT. I am super proud of you little dude.

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