Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A decade of hair (+1 ).. Years 1999-2002

My hair is one of my favorite things to change, my other favorite thing to change is the furniture arrangement of my home, but this is about hair. We are gonna go back a bit more than a decade, when my hair was very basic and regular.
Starting in 1999. Oh yeah. I'm going there.
(This series will be a picture heavy one, sorry to my dial up friends, I'm talking to you Mom. ;) Oh also sorry to anyone who doesn't appreciate their candid photos, suck it up, we are reliving my, sometime nightmarish hair. Thank you and I love you)

1999 (high school)
 Me and my dawg.
My very best friend in the whole wide world, you will see her A LOT. Just sayin.

2000 (the hair experiments begins. I chopped hair off and dyed it caramel colored August 2nd 2000)
That's me on the right, with the semi-bowl cut. ( Oh and it gets worse, way worse. sidebar-Aren't my siblings the CUTEST)

2001(and it starts to get very interesting about now, I find the joys of COLOR.)

My favorite hair color (and the best improvised Halloween costume) EVER! Why yes those are plastic cups on my wrists being used as super hero cuffs.


2002 (the year I met my husband and the first photo is me the night we met. I was adorable, I know)

I had this thing for poofing my hair out, it was a bit clown-like...

 Sadly there is only the one photo of the Mohawk up, it is still there in the next photo. I rocked it up many times, I just, apparently, did not take any pictures... I am noticing I was living the moments rather than capturing them. This is good and bad I suppose. I will have to try this color again someday, I did adore the Aqua.

And thus ends our review of my hairstyles from 1999-2002. Yeah I know, you might not care, but I think it's fun and this is my game so...nanna nanna boo boo, I will do what I want to. And if you pay close attention you will notice when I got my tongue and libret pierced, it is like a very strange game of "Where's Waldo".

Thanks for reminiscing with me, there will be more to come. 2003-2005 were kind of bland (I had a "real" job and wasn't allowed to do anything fun) so I might lump them in with 2007-2008, but who knows. It all depends on what gems I can dig up.

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