Monday, March 1, 2010

It's just what I always wanted...

Ok not ALWAYS, but it is just what I have wanted since we moved in.

Once again I will sing praises of

On Saturday morning I was perusing the local furniture section of craigslist, as I do most Saturdays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, looking for any useful and needed pieces at the right price that we might need. I always look at cupboards, pantry's, and hutches because...well we are short on food storage space and we end up with much of our food on the counters and stored in strange inconvenient places.

As I was looking I saw a listing for a pantry at a reasonable price and in the town only a few miles away. I thought "it is probably in terrible condition, but it is so close I will check it out anyway."

I clicked and woosh! up pops this huge and gently used pantry. It is perfectly colored and designed to match our existing cabinets, maybe a hint dark, but I do not care. Oh and best part the listing is literally minutes old. So I emailed, first person by the way, and got a call back. Mr. T went to pick it up.

Perfect. I decided it was for my birthday, which is actually Wednesday and my present was going to be Mr. T building me things of my choice, one of which would have been a pantry. Some may scoff at my purchase of housewares as a birthday gift, but I don't really like jewelry, don't need any new clothes, can check out any books I might want from the local library, and this monstrosity of a cupboard WILL make my life easier and happier.

I now have the space to keep all our food in the kitchen, AND my paper towel in the kitchen, rather than the bathroom. My appliances all have a place as well as my water bath caner, it lives in the top of the pantry with the towels, gardening seed storage, and items that are too large to fit in the shelves. I even have two shelves in my regular kitchen cabinets that are basically empty.

Another bonus of this is it forced a food clear out. Now all the food in our house is food we eat. What we don't eat or won't eat, as is the case for canned peas, we are donating to the food bank that gave us food when Mr. T was laid off. They took care of us so we are giving back. They are also going to be getting a steady stream of duck eggs as well, we currently have 12 dozen in the fridge, and the oldest is from the 17th of February.

It is my birthday I can ask for and declare my present to be whatever I want it to be. Plus, Mr. T is still gonna have to build me the other stuff someday anyway.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Wow - that pantry is totally cool! Do those shelves in the middle spin? cool!

    Great find!