Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just a Friendly Public Service Announcement

Hello friends. Just a reminder that when walking on your property, or anothers, in brush please be pay attention to where you step. Earlier this week I had the unfortunate priviledge of stepping on the one board in the 1/2 acre I was walking, while placing my foot in in the exact section of the board with a 3 inch nail through it.

Yes folks, I had the unfortunate privilege of putting a nail through my muck boot heel and about a 1/2 inch into my foot. Luckily I made contact with my heel, instead of the ball of my foot, which is considerably thinner rubber and woudl have caused much more damage.

I dont know which makes me more mad the fact that I put a nail in my own foot OR the fact that I in basically ruined a pair of muck boots that aren't even a year old. Harumph.

So please friends, look before you step. It could save you money and the humiliation of walking like an idiot for a few days because your foot hurts too much to walk normally.

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