Friday, March 26, 2010

Muscovy fuzzy butts

Last Friday and Saturday we had our second hatch of the season, this was a very small hatch of Muscovy ducks. 5 eggs were sat on and 4 hatched. It is now a week later and they are thriving beautiful little cutie pies.

The new little fuzzy butts are in the foreground and are considerably smaller than their week older buddies.

Our lavender and white one is snuggled up next to a Ancona almost dead center of the photo. This little beauty is our oldest. Then just under Lavi and to the right you have the two spot heads, they are the second and third I found and I have no idea which is older. And then way at the bottom facing us is the youngest, it is a chocolate and white and looks just like its mommy. I am assuming they are all females at this point, but it will be several weeks before I know for sure.
 I am no good at vent sexing when they are this little so I will wait, at least 6 weeks to try. It is astounding to me the difference in size between the day old hatchlings and the week old ones. The Ancona's are DOUBLE the Muscovy size and they are only 7 days apart. Mother Nature is truly amazing.

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