Saturday, February 20, 2010

Where am I?

Well I can answer that, working. Yes folks I got a job. I started the first of February and love it. I am working at the local hospital, if you know where I live than add the name of my town before "Hospital" and you know where I work. It has been crazy busy around here. My first week was packed full of busy work and stress partly because Mr. T also went back to work! Weee! So we are now a two income family, yes that's right, we went from NO income to TWO in a matter of days. It is very busy and very little is getting done around the house. But we have worked our schedules out so that Mr. T and I get to see each other and theboys, and the boys only have to spend a few hours in childcare a couple days a week. I am working most every weekend and the job is very hard, but totally worth it. And I won't work every weekend, but for now it is the way to go.

My first day I saw it all. I was called every name in the book (and I think it was a George Carlin book if you get my drift), scratched, pinched, someone pooed in my (gloved) hand, someone vomited in the hall, someone cried and begged to go home, I had a conversation with someone who supposed I was their sister and it was 1922, and someone passed away. And that was just the first day. Every day is an adventure and alot of work, but it is really fun. I still love being a mom the most of any job I have ever had, but I think being a Nurses Aid will be the hardest PAYING job I will ever love.

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