Saturday, February 20, 2010

What's new?

So Mr. T and I are both employed, that's new. RAT had his second Birthday and MAT's 5th is a matter of days out, as well as two other folks birthdays who are going to be 28, though we won't talk about them right now. RAT was ill on his birthday, seriously when can we get a holiday or birthday where no one is sick around here. A trip to urgent care and a diagnosis of left lung pneumonia and two ear infections and home we went antibiotics and a cranky kiddo in tow. MAT was very thoughtful about what present to give his brother. He finally settled on a big red ball and a sand toy accessories pack. It cracked me up at how much thought he put into the gift.

MAT is super stoked about his birthday and mine. I think he finally realizes that we share a birthday and that is pretty cool. Can't believe 5 is right around the corner. We will be heading to Kindergarten round up soon, and starting swim lessons this summer. Wow, when MAT is 5 he can be in 8 and under...

In other family news. Watermelon, the beautiful dear, had to be declawed. I feel bad, I think it is a cruel and nasty thing to do to a cat. However, when a cat destroys the carpet in THREE, yes THREE rooms and then turns her attention to a favorite newly recovered rocking chair to shred, something has to be done. And for everyone's info, the carpets aren't just a little messed up, there are 8x8 inch sections completely pulled up and frogged out. They are beyond repair and will have to be replaced. So in loo of replacing more carpets and furniture and in place of a dead cat, $130 and a little kitty pain is well worth it to this moma.

We currently have 2 broody moma ducks, one Ancona and one Muscovy, sitting on a combined 20 something eggs. It is a little early in the year for a hatch, but they were both so bound and determined to sit, I decided to let them. Any way who wouldn't want little duckies running about by Easter. If we can get the turkey and geese housing worked out I will be at peace and ready for those little fluffy butts to arrive.

So life is going well. I hope to be a less sporadic writer than I have been the last few months, but we shall see how that goes.

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