Monday, August 15, 2011

"ME CAN do IT!!!"

I LOVE when RAT realizes he is capable of yet another big boy task. I have just spent the last 20 minutes watching him repeatedly, unhook his overalls, drop them to the floor and then put them back on and rehook them, all by his "own self", and then he proclaims "ME CAN do IT!...again Mommy?"  Of course buddy, do it again, ignore mommies poorly masked blubbering over how big you are, and carry on growing up... I will be cheering you on through my internal sobs. High five sir! I am very proud of you.

I missed him getting on by seconds

Why did you pick MAT's first day of first grade (CRAZY) to accomplish such great a feat!
You will notice one hand on "base", this is after the 20 second free stand as I was too afraid to leave him to get the camera in case he fell, which of COURSE he did not.

And not to be outdone, DOT chose today to stand for 20 seconds hands free of support (and frankly too wobble-free for my comfort level). He will be walking before I know it.

He made it three steps up the stairs yesterday before anyone noticed...and Yes the baby gate situation has been rectified, there will be no more unintentional baby mountain climbing for the foreseeable future.

Why so many big changes TODAY? Such is the way of things I suppose. You three are so BIG to me today.

You three are making me feel, happily mind you, completely obsolete. This momma needs some snuggle time, lest she feel unnecessary. I am a touch sad, but VERY proud, my heart bubbles over with pride. My big boys. So many big things for a Monday, what will the rest of the week bring?

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