Monday, August 22, 2011

Fiber Rich

It was a successful visit to the local thrift store this week. I came out fiber arts rich and only $7 down. 2 twin size afghans, 1 throw, 1 crib size throw, and one...I'm calling it a shawl because that is how I am gonna use it. No holes, a few loose ends to crochet or knit back in and a couple stains that, thanks to the magic of homemade laundry soap paste and hand washing, came right out. They all washed up beautifully and dried very quickly on the line. Oh, and did I tell you, we are currently without a dryer, thankfully it is only August and a perfect time to hang all the laundry out to dry. The only thing that gives me pause is we need new prefold diapers, the ones we have are 6 years old now, and it was my intention to purchase some more, but I suppose we will have to go to the laundromat to fluff them up...that OR we could beg the favor of a neighbor. Anyway, this is about the wonderful scores from the thrift.
A twin size red, white, and blue blanket. I cant decide whether it will go in the guest room or the Independence day decor. Hell it may stay on this chair. It is marvelous.

FINALLY a granny square blanket, and its TWIN size. Weee!

I will probably store this with the Independence day decorations, as I don't see the lightness of color faring well as an every day use blankie.

Perfect size for baby or kiddo and it is all cotton.

I am going to use this as a shawl, it is very bright orange, but I like that a whole lot.

"Custom made, especially for you, by Helen Dworak". Thanks Helen.

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  1. Oh my stars! LOVE!

    I haven't been thrifting in months, but now I feel I must after seeing such goodies you scored!