Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Little by little, bit by bit...

 Mr. T has been working on the upstairs hallway. We are not fans of textured ceilings, some people are and that's ok, we are not. So a few weeks ago he started scraping, and spraying with loads of water. Fun fact, did you know unpainted textured ceilings can be removed with just scraping, but PAINTED textured ceilings require soaking and then lots of scraping, and then more water and more scraping.

Our smooth ceiling
But then, eventually, you have a bare surface ready for mud. Which, as it turns out, even a novice can do relatively well, with the proper tools...and a step ladder. (sorry, no pics of the bare ceiling or the mudding) And, also as it turns out, I kind of like mudding, good thing too, two bathrooms, 4 bedrooms and the entire downstairs ceilings have to be done eventually. When the mudding was done. Mr. T went off to the home store to buy some ceiling paint...he also purchased the wall paint, without a paint chip or a color given by me. I will admit I was nervous. It needed to be light because it is an upstairs hallway and the only natural light is let in from the bedrooms, and we are putting a chalkboard and old school maps up on the walls (more on those later, I promise) so it needed to be just right. I had mentioned I wanted a buttery yellow, error on the side of cream, rather than sunshine. I was thinking old paper to go with the maps. Good news, my husband is a rock star, he picked the exact color I wanted. Apparently we are on the same page. So after the ceiling was painted and the walls, I am safely saying we are 50% done with that hallway. Woohoo!
We have miles to go before this house is done. But knowing that the process is officially starting is incredibly satisfying.

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